Glicthes during narration (lapses, pops)

Hi all - I keep getting pops and occasional lapses when recording voiceovers. I’ve discovered recording over a transition or other elements increases the likelihood of a problem, so I record them seperately in a blank space but still get some pops or click sounds out of nowhere, always atop the narration as though something interupted the recording process. Recording them in a blank space eliminated about 75% of the problem.

I disabled bluetooth and closed all other windows to reduce background activity on the computer. I’m in a 5g service area but am using an 8-year old mac. so it could be my system i suppose.

any tips tricks or methods i might try besides upgrading to a new computer? thanks in advance

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Thanks for reaching out here. To make sure you’re a real person it would be great to update your profile with a name and picture. In the interim, our support team ( is a great place to reach out when experiencing technical issues.

For voiceover, we’ve had folks create makeshift sound booths. Also making sure that other browser windows and applications on your device are closed can help.